On March 20, the Connecticut Office of Health Strategy (OHS) issued new guidance (Guidance) on the process for requesting a certificate of need (CON) waiver for projects related to the COVID-19 response. See our analysis of the initial OHS guidance on CON waivers here.

The Guidance establishes a more streamlined process for applicants to submit waiver applications on a COVID-19 Waiver Form (Waiver) through the state’s CON portal.

The Guidance provides instructions for submission of the applications, including a requirement to contemporaneously email the completed Waiver to Michaela Mitchell at OHS to ensure prompt attention. OHS has committed to issuing a decision on CON Waiver applications within 24 business hours of receipt of a completed Waiver form, and OHS has already approved Waivers for a number of applicants.

Applicants should also keep in mind that certain COVID-19-related projects may require the provision of notice and updated licensure information to the Department of Public Health.