The New York State Department of Health (DOH) recently released a “Dear Administrator Letter” (DAL) DHCSB 22-02 for Licensed Home Care Services Agencies (LCHSAs).  The DAL addresses guidance and procedures for LCHAs as they relate to certain administrative licensure amendments.  Such amendments include changing the service, county of operation, sites, address of agency or operator, the corporate name or assumed name (d/b/a), or closing a site.

After the initial guidance, DOH published additional procedures that provide other requirements for LCHSAs to follow.  Specifically, DOH clarified the requirements and expectations to add a service, county of operation, or additional sites. In these instances, the LCHSA must be licensed for more than 12 months and “actively serving patients.”  Further, if an LCHSA wishes to change its name or use an assumed name (d/b/a), the LCHSA must submit a request for approval of the proposed change before filing any such change with the New York State Department of State. DOH also expects that for any of the list requested changes, the LCHSA will submit the required documents and checklist.

LCHSAs considering any such administrative change should review the following information: