On October 1, 2018, a number of new laws affecting health care entities in Connecticut became effective. Below please find a brief description of some of the newly-effective provisions, as well as links to our analyses of the changes.

  • Public Act No. 18-168 “An Act Concerning the Department of Public Health’s Recommendations Regarding Various Revisions to the Public Health Statutes,” which includes provisions related to:
    • Expansion of the scope of practice of APRNs in connection with advanced directives;
    • Expanded scope of practice for podiatrists and removal of current permit requirement for independent surgical treatment of the ankle;
    • Update of Connecticut’s Freedom of Information Act related to disclosure of medical and personnel records received by DPH during an investigation;
    • Clarification of the deadline for health care institutions to submit a plan of correction to DPH addressing noncompliance with licensure requirements; and
    • Expansion of the scope of practice of respiratory care practitioners.

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  • Public Act No. 18-90 “An Act Concerning Security Freezes on Credit Reports, Identity Theft Prevention Services and Regulations of Credit Rating Agencies,” which includes the following provisions:
    • Updates Connecticut laws concerning identity theft, including by newly prohibiting credit reporting agencies from charging fees for consumers to place or remove security freezes on credit accounts;
    • Expands definition of “personal information” under Connecticut’s data breach law; and
    • Increases the minimum amount of time a business must offer identity theft protection to consumers affected by a breach of social security numbers.

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  • Public Act No. 18-149 “An Act Concerning Outpatient Clinics, Urgent Care Centers and Freestanding Emergency Departments,” which includes the following:
    • Revisions to the definition of “urgent care center” for purposes of licensure in Connecticut;
    • Clarification regarding applicability of statutory limitations on facility fees; and
    • New requirements concerning freestanding emergency department signage.

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